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Cross the Borders

Presentation of “Φάρος του κόσμου” (“lighthouse of the world”) and the Roma community in Thessaloniki / Greece

in the Cross the Borders Project

“The only weapon is knowledge” we heard… crossing borders with knowledge…

Cross the Borders

This youth exchange supports the professional development of youth workers through the implementation of activities including transnational / international seminars, training courses, contact-making events, study visits and job observation periods in organizations active in the youth field. Project aims to share best practices among youth workers in the field of youth migrants and empower social workers with abilities to better manage stress in work situation.


  • Τo increase knowledge and awareness on contemporary problems and challenges related to young migrants and refugees.
  • Τo provide new tools and methodologies for analyzing the problems of refugees and developing new solutions.
  • Τo equip youth workers with tools for trainings and activities on young refugees and migrants and to improve the level of key competences and skills of the youth workers in a non-formal educational experience.
  • Τo provide youth workers with innovative tools to manage issues related to the target they work; to analyze and exchange best practices on how to deal with problems, on how to implement strategies to manage stress related to the youth work.
  • To develop and reinforce networks.

Target group

Youth workers from the participant countries working on refugee youth integration issues.


  • Gruppo Umana Solidarieta’ Guido Puletti – συντονιστής φορέας (Ιταλία)
  • ΑΝΤΙΓΟΝΗ (Ελλάδα)
  • Institute for Cultural Relations Policy (Ουγγαρία)
  • Projuven Association (Ισπανία)