“The lighthouse keepers”

“Dogs are our contact with paradise. They know neither malice nor envy nor discomfort.”
Milan Kundra, 1929-, Czech writer

From the big family of the “Faros tou kosmou” we could not miss our four-legged friends. Despite the lack of space and waiting for our new buildings, our house and yard are full of children’s voices and happy dogs.

The beginning was when the children of “Faros tou kosmou” began to bring home unprotected puppies who found themselves thrown into the street, condemned to death. There followed others who arrived home poorly, beaten, wounded, malnourished and with an urgent need for medical care.

We opened our arms to all our four-legged friends so that almost every child, almost every member of our family, has one and more, “Lighthouse keepers”

Apart from the great struggle we are doing to protect and save all the strays of the neighborhood, dogs work therapeutically for themselves as well.

A dog, which by its very nature is a social being, can offer unselfishly and generously love, joy and peace to a man and especially to a child. It has been observed that contact with dogs gives children a sense of responsibility towards a living organism, learns them to accept and give love, tenderness and care, to respect life and to calm. At the same time, it turns them away from the emptiness and from possible worries and sadness. Dogs help in the well-being of the body, in developing feelings of joy and give a rare lesson of life to everyone.

Hector, Dak, Carmen, Lucy, Rex, Pharos, Jupiter, Rumaeus and Argos are part of our family that grows up.

Faithful four-legged creatures,
soothe our bitter moments,
they magnify our little souls.
They lean on you with confidence
returning only gratitude.
They fill our home with
tensions and silences,
rebellions and submissions,
quarrels and hugs,
scratches and bites,
and jiggles and bumps,
and roughhousing and diaries.
lullabies and canapés. 

Creatures uniquely faithful!
In a wondrous way
They make a man desolate and desolate
to feel a person of importance.  
With her magic wand,
which is her little tongue,
little Zuzu joins the pieces of my fragmented soul
into a body strong enough to love
and survive in the Wild West of Dendropotamos. 

In addition to the daily needs of our children, we take care of the needs of our four-legged children.

The “Faros tou kosmou” is not subsidized or supported for the care of its four-legged friends. Their care is exclusively for children and volunteers and is based on subscriptions, donations and sponsorships.

Any provision of food, vaccines, medical and pharmaceutical help would be a great help to us.

The puppies that come to the home of the “Faros tou kosmou” from the wider area of Dendropotamos are usually in a precarious condition and are constantly in need of vaccines, medicines, special therapies and medical supervision.

Any help would be more than helpful and welcome

For more information

Phone : 2310  387444 Tranou Eleni

E – mail  : [email protected]

You can also offer our goals directly to the lower bank account.

  • Eurobank IBAN: GR6002602030000880201707671 Faros tou kosmou

There is no better psychotherapist in the world than a puppy licking your face.”

Bernard Williams, 1929-2003, British philosopher       

Πιστά πλάσματα τετράποδα,
απαλύνουν τις πικρές στιγμές μας,
μεγεθύνουν τις μικρές ψυχές μας.
Γέρνουν απάνω σου με εμπιστοσύνη
επιστρέφοντάς σου μόνο ευγνωμοσύνη.
Γεμίζουν το σπίτι μας με
εντάσεις και σιωπές,
ανταρσίες και υποταγές,
καβγαδάκια κι αγκαλίτσες,
γρατζουνιές και ζουζουνιές,
ναζάκια και μαλαγανιές,
αγριάδες κι ημερέματα
νανουρίσματα και κανακέματα. 

Πλάσματα μοναδικά πιστά!
Με έναν τρόπο θαυμαστό
κάνουν ένα άτομο έρημο κι αποριγμένο
να αισθάνεται πρόσωπο σημαντικό.  
Με το μαγικό ραβδάκι της,
που είναι το μικρό γλωσσάκι της,
η μικρή Ζουζού ενώνει τα κομμάτια της κατακερματισμένης μου ψυχής
σε ένα σώμα δυνατό, ικανό να αγαπήσει
και στην Άγρια Δύση του Δενδροποτάμου να επιζήσει.